Day Care

Welcome to our Day Care

We offer day care places for children in Sunrise, Sunflower and Sunshine rooms. There is a waiting list for our day care provision, so please do apply in advance.

Our opening times are 7:45am – 5:45pm

Prices vary according to your employment circumstances and age of your child. These range from £120 – £200 per week.

Each room has direct access to the outside area, where children can play outdoors or under the shelter as they wish. There is a room leader for each room, and several members of staff that are posted in the room. Every child has a Key Person and a co-Key Person. All staff members have a minimum of a Level 3 Early Years Educator qualification.  We observe the ratios as set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. These are:

Sunrise Room (Babies): 1 adult to every 3 babies

Sunflower Room (Toddlers):  1 adult to every 4 children

Sunshine Room (Nursery): 1 adult to every 8 children

If you would like some more advice or information about how to apply, please click here.


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